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The FDA, EMA and other international regulators are aggressively pushing for timely clinical trial protocol registration and clinical data disclosure. Manual, decentralized processes are expensive, inefficient and create a compliance risk as shortened timelines are almost impossible to satisfy.

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Data is lifeblood of every organization. It is the foundation of every decision, activity and action. Now more than ever it is critical that companies utilize data to maximize compliance, productivity and strategy. We realize that structured information management is a significant change for the pharmaceutical industry, so we must work with many stakeholders across the organization to ensure success. That is why we offer more that just software, but provide data and process services to maximize enterprise value.

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SYQUENCE is a flexible web-based tool that helps companies organize, centralize and standardize critical data in a secure database. Experts agree it is not recommended that business critical data be managed in desktop products like Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. These products decrease transparency, data security and compliance adherence while increasing risk management liabilities.

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Controlled Data Lists

Master Data Sets

Controlled Vocabulary

Integrated Structured Templates

Data Sharing Templates

Automated Task Creation

Information Workflow

Dynamic Structured Publishing

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