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Medical Affairs teams that utilize the right technology to manage planning and transparency can maximize efficiencies and ensure compliance. Sylogent develops software solutions that help automate many of the tasks in Medical Affairs operations.

Our SYQUENCE system integrates modules to deliver the right tool each individual needs to complete their tasks in the most efficient way. SYQUENCE, designed specifically for the life sciences industry, centralizes your efforts to help you ensure consistency, improve collaboration, ensure compliance, eliminate waste, reduce costs, accelerate product releases, and operate and compete more effectively worldwide.

SYQUENCE is a cloud-based system that is instantly accessed from any computer that has internet access. Configuration for new clients takes just days and includes many preconfigured out-of-the-box forms, templates and workflows.

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Before SYQUENCE we created each document in Word and used emailed for review. SYQUENCE's auto create drag-n-drop templates cut document creation time by 50%.

Medical Affairs Solutions

PROJECTIC is a revolutionary tool that is easy to use and less expensive than MS Project. Just push a button to import studies from any source and PROJECTIC will automatically visualize the study timeline. The configurable PROJECTIC rules engine can automatically create regulatory milestones for each study and create the project template for the required work.

PROJECTIC is guaranteed to save clinical study teams time and reduce the risk of missing project deadlines.
SYQUENCE has a comprehensive database of scientific journals, medical conferences and manuscript authors. Eliminate the time you spend researching to find, for example, conference abstract deadlines, when a few clicks brings up a detailed profile of the conference with deadlines and more. Publication teams can search the databases by Title, Therapy Area, Audience Type or Topic to find the optimal journals and conferences while ensuring that important deadlines are not missed.
Resource management is optional functionality that is available in SYQUENCE. The configurable nomination form is sent to the Approvals Module by clicking a button where it routes through the preset workflow. After the nomination process is completed, just upload your approved contract template and automatically send a data merged PDF to your healthcare professionals with the push of a button.

Training modules can be sent to individuals directly from SYQUENCE. When each individual has completed their required training the system can instantly generate a personalized certificate.
The SYQUENCE Approvals Module (SAM) is ideal for every regulatory and or compliance group that is currently using email to route information for approvals or clearance. The module allows for clients to use out-of-the-box Decision Matrix, Forms and Workflow configurations or client specific configuration. SAM has been deployed at three of the top five pharmaceutical companies and was even launched with zero training at one.

SAM is also integrated with our client branded Clinical Study Register product for those companies seeking to share their Protocols, Clinical Study Reports, Results Summaries, Publications and other study information with the general public.
SYQUENCE's centralized template management functionality ensures that all of your study documents originate from a single source system. Study teams simply click the template icon to create a new instance. Previously released documents are made available so that you can drag and drop previously approved content into a new document. Other team members can be assigned to review or approve the document.

Approved documents are shared with others directly from the SYQUENCE system. You no longer need to use your email system to route critical documents.
The VCTR ( VICTOR ) module is currently configured with the regulated US Protocol and EU Clinical Trial Application (EU CTA) forms that must be submitted during the registration process. VCTR also has the US Results and EU Results forms that must be completed for many studies after the completion of the trial. VCTR is configured to reuse data from your CTMS or SAS databases by automatically pre-populating the structured forms in VCTR via an XML data feed. Each form has a unique configurable workflow so that review and approval is fast and efficient. Just push a button to upload the approved records to your ClinicalTrials-gov account or export to upload ready XML for EU CTA registration.

VCTR, like SAM, dynamically publishes data to an optional client branded Clinical Study Register for those companies seeking to maximize their transparency efforts.
Governments, advocacy groups and medical professionals have requested more transparency from companies that are sponsoring clinical trials. The SYQUENCE system includes an integrated Clinical Study Register (CSR), which is a public website with up to date information on the study. The CSR dynamically publishes information such as Protocol, Results Summary, Clinical Study Reports and publications from SAM and VCTR after the approval process has been completed.
SYQUENCE is the module in SYQUENCE that manages data from a variety of external sources including public websites. Just push a button to see your up-to-date compliance report and study metrics for ClinicalTrails-gov. The dashboard also includes access to all of your competitor's information categorized by condition and or study phase.

SYQUENCE also displays authors and their top collaborators from PubMed with the push of a button.

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Integrated Modules


project planning and tracking


information ( documents + data ) approvals and clearance


journal, conference and author selection + publication project management


US + EU protocol registration and results disclosure


data, templates, resources, & documents management


study information public transparency website