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The FDA, EMA and other international regulators are aggressively pushing for timely clinical trial protocol registration and clinical data disclosure. Manual, decentralized processes are expensive, inefficient and create a compliance risk as shortened timelines are almost impossible to satisfy.

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Sylogent is a life sciences partner responsible for critical data and document publishing across the organization. From protocol registration or clinical date results disclosure to medical affairs information, publication planning and resource compliance, we help ensure required work is completed - on time.

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CT Screeners are designed to simplify the participant and investigator screening process. The system automatically creates a unique link for each study with the option to display the screener or a message. The study screener link can be placed on any website or can be included in email campaigns. The participant or investigator data is electronically posted into a HIPPA safe database where select administrators can process the requests. Sylogent offers a processing service to ensure the information is complete and passed to the proper clinical site.


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